Wolf Run News

April 13th 2016 -

April 12, 2016

Welcome to the 2016 Golf Season…As Spring Breaks come to an end and another Masters is in the books, our golf season is poised to get under way. I would like to welcome our new members to the pack and take this opportunity to go over some of the new club rules and remind you of others. For a complete listing of our Rules and Regulations please visit our website www.wolfrungc.com.

Over the winter I had three separate meetings with the Varsity and JV to discuss what we can all do to make Wolf Run a better place for all of us. I want to thank Bob Barriger, Matt Petrie, Jason Yager and their devoted followers for all their thoughts and input. The following are the highlights to what we determined along with some fee changes for the upcoming season.

In no particular order:

1.    We are now charging you to maintain your handicap at Wolf Run. Regular Members will not be charged. However; Juniors, Corporates and Non-Residents wishing to have Wolf Run as your primary Club will be charged $25 annually.

2.    PLEASE CHECK INTO THE PRO SHOP before beginning play.

3.    Your spouse may now play on your membership at no additional charge.

4.    You may now use push/pull carts. They are never permitted on the greens, collars or in the fescue. We will not store any personal carts.

5.    Cart fees will increase to $18 per round.

6.    Guest Fees are $125 (including cart and HIO Insurance) Wednesday-Monday. We will reduce guest fees to $85 (inclusive) on Tuesday’s in hopes of stimulating rounds.

7.    $25,000 Hole in One is on #2 again this year. The fee is $300 for the season, included in guest rounds and available to Non-Resident Members for $10 per round. You are not eligible to participate until your account has been billed. Please notify us either in-person or via eMail if you wish for us to charge your account.

8.    Fivesomes are no longer permitted on Weekends or Holidays.

9.    We will incorporate a 1 and 10 tee start from Noon to 1:30pm on weekdays to make more times available during our most desired time frame.

10.    Play may not begin off the 10th tee unless directed to do so by the Pro Shop or Maintenance Staff.

11.    Pace of Play and proper course etiquette are a growing problem. We expect 18-holes to take no more than 4:15 to complete. It is required that slower groups allow faster groups to play through. You are all members with equal rights to an enjoyable round of golf. However, singles should not expect to play through a busy golf course.

12.    Foursomes will not be permitted more than 2 carts and Fivesomes 3.

13.    SMART PHONE APP should be available by the end of the month…this will be a do everything portal for Wolf Run…more to come upon its release.

14.    NO PARKING AROUND THE CLUBHOUSE UNTIL AFTER MAY 12th. We simply do not have the staff to handle Valet Parking until the kids return from college.

15.    After May 12th; there will be a $5 fee if you wish to Valet your car. You may pay cash or this can go on your account. All valet monies collected will be disbursed to the bagroom staff.

16.    Any Member with a PAST DUE Balance will not be permitted to use any of the club facilities until the balance is paid in full.

17.    Clubhouse behavior at times has been a bit appalling and embarrassing to members and employees alike. This is to be an atmosphere where members may entertain their friends and customers without risk of embarrassment. Where female employees aren’t subjected to crude comments or those sexual in nature. A place where kids can come in without being subjected to a barrage of profanities. This has cost us members and must improve.

18.    eMailed Statements…we are trying to figure out what went wrong last month and I appreciate your patience. We are committed to getting our billing converted over and the new app will allow you to view your statement in real time.

19.    With the help of the Varsity and JV we will be organizing a 9-hole weekly event of an evening…most likely on Wednesday’s…this will be open to all members

Thanks to All, this is a special place that we are trying to make better, your help in doing so is greatly appreciated.