Wolf Run NEWS: Thank you Nate & 32 and 421 closed

June 22nd 2015 -

As you can see from the picture taken of a green at this year’s US Open, even unlimited budgets with extreme care and maintenance won’t guarantee you success when it comes to turfgrass. I am also reminded of Augusta National “missing it” in two of the last three-years with their desired greens speed causing a few players to even criticize the vaulted Masters. And, these are courses focused on getting it right for one week out of the year. I mention this as a way of commending Nate and his Crew for the exceptional conditions we play under on the vast majority of days. Furthering my appreciation is the conditions that exist TODAY…less than three-days after experiencing a flood that had 2, 7 and 16 greens completely underwater; with debris scattered all over the lower section of the course, the course is once again, exceptional. Thanks Nate, well done!

Beginning Monday, July 6th, and continuing for approximately 3-months, the intersection of Michigan Rd and SR 32 will be CLOSED. That’s right, CLOSED. The State of Indiana is constructing a round-a-bout at that location. GOOD NEWS they will not be encroaching onto our property…BAD NEWS it will be a mess to get here from the north or east. There will certainly be better ways to access the club then by the detours that they set up. Please phone the pro shop for specific directions on or after the 6th.

Member-Guest is this week and I look forward to seeing everyone who takes the time out of their schedules and travels great distances to attend…always a highlight of my year.

Please come and enjoy your course,