Wolf Run March Update

March 14th 2013 - Wolf Run Phone Numbers:
Pro Shop
Cathy (A/R)
Barry (A/P)

Masters Par 3:
We are up to 75 players.  We will try to honor player requests (pairings) as best we can.  It is truly one of the best events of the year and a great way to kick off the season.  Entry deadline is April 7th.

Junior Golf Program:
Information was sent out to our resident members, through your billing, concerning the Junior Golf Program.  This is a new program designed to get the kids excited about golf in a team atmosphere, not unlike other little league sports.  This kind of program is being done on a National Level although Wolf Run is not involved at this time.  You play matches against other clubs in your area.  The winners of the area go on to compete at Regional, State, and National Finals.  This years Wolf Run Junior Golf League will help us identify those kids who may be willing and able to participate in the Indiana Junior Golf League next year.  We also have a program for the younger kids.  This program is designed to teach the kids the fundamentals of the game and to have friendly competition through games and challenges.  If you did not get the information or would like additional information, please contact Ryan Bontrager with any questions.  The entry deadline is April 7th.

Burgess Cup:
Wolf Run will be competing in The Burgess Cup in early October.  The Burgess Cup is a tournament to identify the best playing club in the country.  This is the first year for this tournament and it is being held at the Ocean Course.  We are very excited about the opportunity to send a team of 8 to represent Wolf Run.  We will be posting more information about it as we near the tournament date.  More information may also be found at TheBurgessCup.com.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new website.  Please take the time to fill out your profile and update any information that may be inaccurate.  If you are having trouble logging into the website, please contact Cathy Fischer at cathy@wolfrungc.com.

Chuck Helms is our full time teaching professional and has a lot of really good programs.  He also does Wolf Run club repair work.  Chuck's rates start at $45.00 for a 30 minute adult lesson and $40 for a junior.  He also provides lesson packages, a junior program, and a fall junior golf tournament series.  For all Chuck's information, please visit his website at http://checkhelmsgolfacademy.com.

Ryan Bontrager, PGA
Lesson: $60 (30-60 minutes per lesson depends on the progress of the student)
Junior Lesson: $40
Series of 6 Lessons:  Adult $300 (limited to 6 students); Junior $200 (limited to 6 students)
Unlimited Lessons (January-October): Adult $800 (limited to 2 students and 1 is filled); Junior $400 (limited to 2 students, 1 is filled)

Ben Davidson
Lesson: $50
Junior: $35
Series of 6: Adult $250; Junior $170

Social Media:
You will again start to see some activity on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  We use the twitter for daily updates such as cart path rules and course conditions.  We use Facebook for tournament information and other things going on around the club.  Emails and the Website will continue to be your main sources of Wolf Run information.