Happy Valentine's Day from Mother Nature

February 23rd 2017 - Happy Valentine’s Day from Mother Nature!

I don’t like to chase days in the winter months; however, this is going to be too good to pass up. We will open Friday, February 17th, at noon for Member Only Play…we will also be open Saturday/Sunday and will determine an opening time as we get closer to the weekend and have a better judge of low temperatures. There will not be any food service this weekend and the driving range is still in question. This is simply a bonus weekend. Nate is out on vacation, returning Thursday…at that time he will make a determination as to whether to mow the greens or simply roll them.

I know many of you have questions regarding the upcoming season…trust me, so do I.

Here is what I do know:
  1. Nate, Doug, Jerry, Deb and Cathy, are all still in-place as well as their supporting cast to enable us to have another very successful golf season.
  2. I am not currently under contract with anyone. There are five different groups that I am in some stage of negotiations. Because of confidentiality agreements, I cannot divulge who or what specifically is being discussed. There are many moving parts and it seems to change almost daily. Any speculation at this point is unwarranted and somewhat irresponsible. I can say that the group I was previously contracted with is no longer in the picture.
  3. It is safe to assume that nothing is going to change for the foreseeable future.
I realize there has been some confusion with the offer I made last fall. I placed a commitment date of 12/31 and many chose to ignore it for a host of reasons. I am offering a nearly $2000 savings over last year. Those interested in realizing those savings are required to pay their deposit prior to Feb. 28th. NO EXCEPTIONS. I need to be able to plan for the season knowing how many current members will be continuing. If I fail to get the number I desire, I will seek to add members and the price will increase. The intent is not to increase the number of public access rounds beyond what we allowed last fall. The majority of our increased rounds last fall came from our Corporate Members, not outside play.

I continue to be committed to offering you the best product I possibly can…we were under contract all of last year and the golf course was never better. There is no reason to expect anything different this year.

Please feel free to call my cell phone with any questions…I find it much easier to talk you through any concerns you may have and will gladly tell you everything I can. I will be around much of this weekend and available to answer any of your questions.