3-17-14 Golf Course Update

March 18th 2014 - I know everyone must be getting a little anxious and wondering when the season is going to start. Well, you are not alone. No one is more excited than Nate Fair, our new superintendent. I suggest everyone follow Nate on Twitter #wolfrungrounds.

The heavy and extended snow cover along with the extreme cold has left us behind on the projects that we hoped to accomplish over the winter months. We will get to what we can during the spring and push the larger-scale projects to next winter and hope for better weather.

As for a "projected” opening of the golf course. Who knows? While the upper and more open parts of the course really arent too far away; there is still snow and ice on #17 fairway. Our slopes and trees keep the warmth of the sun away taking more time to thaw and thus delaying our opening. We need sustained low temperatures above freezing to allow the ground to thaw and therefore allowing us to go prepare the course for play without doing damage. There is considerable moisture in the ground and a deep frost layer. Its just going to take time. We are hopeful that we will be able to prepare the course next week…although the long range forecast says otherwise. Again, #wolfrungrounds is the best source for up to the minute information.

Nate said today, that we will try to get the driving range open this weekend. I will let you know specifics as the week progresses…

We will open the bar and kitchen for the Thursday and Friday NCAA games…kitchen will be open from 11 to 5 both days and I will let you know about the range.

Spring is near…promise!